The right use of online media

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The problem with online media

Online media is an important and modern source of information.
Books or newspapers give information always with time delay.
Using online media means to be up to date.
Therefore, we are used to gather information online.
Everybody can upload Articles or videos and share them worldwide.
Even if the content is not true.
Questionable statements as well as clear lies are found.
They are called fake news.
On social media platforms this fake news can spread even faster.
With this huge amount of information, it is difficult to find serious sources.
Depending on our information, we form an opinion.
We make bad decisions when we use wrong information.
Therefore, fake news can influence our everyday life.
And they are also a danger to democracy.



Experts want to give media training already early in schools.
Germany decided to spend a huge amount of money on primary schools for this task.
They call it “Digital Pact”. With this money teachers will be trained.
The trainings focus on the use of digital tools.
But not on critical thinking or the use of social media.
Also, other European countries deal with this problem.
A study in 3 European countries showed that schools and teachers are not prepared enough.
The European Union supports projects that deal with these problems.
They create material and guidelines for teachers and students.
(More information about these projects are here: Link 1, Link 2)


Ideas for improvement

However, activities in schools are not enough.
Future generations need to be prepared for the digital world.
Technology needs to become an important part in digital education.

  • Teachers and students need trainings to use online media right
  • External experts can support teachers with their knowledge
  • Children need to learn in school how to interpret information.
    So They learn to be critical.
  • And people need to be informed about the misuse of online media