The Implacable Fight for the Promised Land

The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has sparked much controversy.
The latest developments, such as the electoral marathon in Israel, the annexation plans including the Trump administration’s “peace plan,”
the status of Jerusalem or the new diplomatic relations between Arab countries and Israel, give rise to discussion.
However, there seems to be one thing that all sides can agree upon, namely that there is still no peace in sight.
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  • What remains of the two-state solution?
  • Benjamin Netanyahu’s political survival, but can Israel survive Netanyahu too?
  • 1993: When the world was dreaming of peace
  • When the economic crisis hits: Perspectives in the Corona Era
  • Signs of another intifada in occupied Palestine? And the role of Iran
  • To recognize or not to recognize: The possible consequences if the EU decides to recognize Palestine
  • Israeli settlements and international law
  • How are recent developments in the regional security architecture (e.g. War in Syria, Israel’s diplomatic efforts) shaping the conflict?

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