Energy delivery in the European Union

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Energy and security

The member states of the European Union use a lot of energy.
To meet the need, they must buy gas and oil from other countries.
Russia sales the most gas and oil to countries of the European Union.
The benefit is the short transport.
But critics say the European Union needs to buy gas and oil from more countries.
Otherwise they make themselves dependent on Russia.
If Russia uses oil deliveries as an instrument of political power.
An unexpected stop of oil deliveries means a security threat.
Shortages can be balanced, if the European Union buys oil and gas from more countries.


Great Britain was the biggest gas producer in the European Union.
Now they are leaving the European Union.
And they have no new trade rules yet.
This means that more oil and gas must be bought from outside the European Union.

Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 is the name of a gas pipeline.
And will transport gas through the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany.
This is good for the energy security of Germany.
But bad for the security of countries like Ukraine or Poland.
Until now Russian gas must pass Ukraine or Poland before entering Germany.
Russia can now stop deliveries to these countries without affecting Germany.
The United States of America are trying to stop Nord Stream 2.
They want that European countries buy their gas instead.

The new Commission of the European Union

The European Union has a new appointed Commission.
The duties of the Commission are to propose new laws.
And to make sure that the member states of the European Union are following these laws.
The author says the Commission must focus on energy security.
This is also important to reach their climate targets.
Germany and Poland are still using coal for energy.
And this is not good for the climate.
The task of the Commission is to find an energy solution without coal.
And to hold balance between Russian and American gas.
The author has not focused on renewable energies.
But points out that investments in renewable energies are another way to reduce dependencies.

What to do next?

  • Energy security must be a priority for the Commission
  • Agreement on gas trading
    Between members of the European Union and the United States of America
  • The Commission should coordinate these agreements