There is much that has already been said about Covid-19 and yet there is still a need to talk.
The Conflict Peace and Democracy Policy Blog would like to take up the current situation offers a platform for your assessments and perspectives. Therefore, we would be very pleased if you would use your broad expertise to write articles on this important topic. Of cause we appreciate your respective focus.
Nevertheless, we would like to give you inspiration and suggest the following approaches as examples:

  • The globalized world seems to have come to a standstill – a catastrophe for the capitalist economic system, but a success in the fight against climate change?
  • What impact will the measures against the spread of Covid-19 have on the European Union?
  • How should the EU Asylum policy be reformed regarding the inhumane conditions of asylum seekers at the EU borders?
    How can the current humanitarian catastrophe be managed?
  • To what extent will the Covid-19 pandemic change the social order and the social system?
  • Now the limits of our health system are becoming clear – what can we learn from the crisis?
  • Will a pandemic show us the education system of tomorrow?

Please feel free to choose any other focus related to the issue of Covid-19. We are looking forward to your personal ideas and perspectives.

Are you interested?
Please send your contribution to Rebecca Trixa ( Due to the recent events and the fact that this topic will accompany us for an unknown period of time, we have refrained from a deadline. You can orient yourself by our content guidelines. If you have any questions concerning the guidelines or the article in general, please do not hesitate to contact us (