Autocracy on the rise

Crises can lead to incalculable social tensions. In times of crisis, it becomes clear which governments continue to have a stable capacity to act and which ones are taking illegitimate paths. While some people seeking for strong leadership others are frightened about their rights. The results of the “Rule of Law Index” of the World Justice Project, a Washington-based civil society initiative, are illustrating this ambivalence. Its data points out that indeed autocracies are on the rise. The Human Rights Watch “World Report” however illustrates that the resistance against autocrats is rising as well.
Of course, we appreciate your respective focus. Nevertheless, we would like to give you inspiration and suggest the following approaches as examples:

• Strong leadership? What makes autocratic and anocratic regimes vulnerable?
• Do we have to choose between liberty and security? Why we need to negotiate this balance.
• Typology and change of autocracies in the international state system.
• Autocrats inside the European Union – no solution in sight?

Please feel free to choose any other focus related to the issue of autocracies. We are looking forward to your personal ideas and perspectives.

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