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CPD Policy Blog

Linking academia and policy. Contributing to social progress. Enabling sustainable politics. Connecting the dots. Thinking ahead.
The CPD Policy Blog creates a bridge between science and politics, thus relating the enlightening potential of science to the field of political practice.
The CPD Policy Blog is a project of the Austrian Conflict, Peace and Democracy Cluster (CPDC) and is supported by the University of Graz, IKF, Demokratiezentrum Wien, ASPR, ZFF as well as Shabka.
Peace and conflict research deals with violence and violent conflicts in the broadest sense. It thus seeks to formulate strategies to overcome these forms of violence in the short, medium and long term.
CPD Cluster
The CPD Cluster seeks to bundle the competence existing in Austria in the areas of conflict, peace & democracy. It thus contributes to the peaceful, non-violent and non-discriminatory development of society.

The Common European Asylum System – Time for a reboot?

Even though recognizing the principle of non-refoulement and the need for a joint approach in order to guarantee high human rights standards of refugees’ protection, the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) was conceptualized as a migration control instrument, based on the principles of solidarity and mutual trust. Yet, the proclaimed …

About Serious Fouls and Fair Play – Human Rights in and through Sports

The time to leave the implementation of non-discrimination to sovereign states on a global scale seems to be over. Shifts in factual power towards non-state actors call for a more inclusive understanding of engagement in human rights policies. In this article, the international sporting scene serves as an example to …