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The CPD Policy Blog creates a bridge between science and politics, thus relating the enlightening potential of science to the field of political practice.
The CPD Policy Blog is a project of the Austrian Conflict, Peace and Democracy Cluster (CPDC) and is supported by the University of Graz, Institut für Konfliktforschung (IKF), Demokratiezentrum Wien, ASPR as well as Shabka.
Peace and conflict research deals with violence and violent conflicts in the broadest sense. It thus seeks to formulate strategies to overcome these forms of violence in the short, medium and long term.
CPD Cluster
The CPD Cluster seeks to bundle the competence existing in Austria in the areas of conflict, peace & democracy. It thus contributes to the peaceful, non-violent and non-discriminatory development of society.

Focus Topic


In recent years the label „anti-genderism“ has been increasingly used to refer to attacks on gender equality policies, sexual and reproductive rights, feminist and queer politics. This new wave of anti-feminism brings together a diverse set of right-wing, religious and conservative actors. Far from being just a reaction to the liberalisation of gender and sexuality regimes this new anti-feminism is an attack on democracy as such.
Gender and the Global Attack on Human Rights
A recent focus topic on this blog dealt with anti-feminism and anti-LGBTIQ+-mobilisations as attacks on democracy. This article takes up the conversation and adds a view...
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Rassismus und Männlichkeit – Sexualisierte Gewalt als Bühne für Rassismus und Antifeminismus
Nicht erst #metoo bewies, dass sexualisierte Gewalt in allen Gesellschaften und allen Schichten weit verbreitet ist. Sind die Täter Migranten, treten rechte und rechtsextreme Akteure...
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Gendering the populist moment
Gendered critiques of neo-liberalism have become a hallmark of right-wing populist actors around the globe as they collaborate with anti-gender organizations and networks. Feminist and...
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Finding alternatives to violent anti-feminist movements
A number of deadly attacks have brought extremist parts of misogynist men’s rights movements into the spotlight. In order to counteract the radicalization of members,...
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Krise der Männlichkeit? Krise der Demokratie. Anti-Gender-Mobilisierung im Kontext eines autoritären politischen Projekts der politischen Rechten

Geschlechterfragen stellen einen der zentralen Bezugspunkte rechtsgerichteter autoritärer Akteur*innen dar. Dabei geht es nicht nur um die (Wieder-)Herstellung traditioneller Geschlechterverhältnisse, sondern um einen fundamentalen Angriff auf die Grundlagen der Demokratie. …